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Cremas hidratantes Colibri Rojo
Tamper evident con detalle 3d
Tamper evident1
Tamper evident con detalle solo
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Keyline Box.jpg
Mock-up box
Mock-ups Box.jpg
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Mokups Leaflet.jpg
Mock-ups Leaflet 2.jpg
Mock-ups Box 2.jpg
Mock-ups Box 3.jpg
Muck - ups boat
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Keyline Bag.jpg
Keyline Blister.jpg
Keyline Box 2.jpg
Keyline Box Label.jpg
Keyline Leaflet.jpg
Box Label  Keyline
Box Label keyline.jpg

What do we do?

How do we do?

We are a leading company in terms of design and adaptation of Pharmaceutical packaging; we offer a professional and personalized Artwork design, creating  mock-ups from our customers’ needs and specifications.

We offer a specialized service in the development of different packaging materials for the pharmaceutical sector, we carry out the entire process of monitoring and carrying out the artwork until the delivery of the ready-to-print materials. We make packaging materials for any type of primary and secondary packaging such as those described below:

Materials we make


Specific tecnical drawings of new machines specialized in pharmaceutical products such as Uhlmann or Marchesini
Prospects / PIL 
Information brochures
Box labels 
Aluminum / Blisters 
Ampoules and injectable 
Pill bottles 
Symbols and pictograms according to different regulations. 
Brand design and creation 
Brand redesign

Creating Artworks:


We escort you in the development process of a product from the release at the beginning stage with the creation of Keylines, from blueprints, and sketches developed from texts given by the clients. As we are a graphic design agency, we offer the possibility to bring a support in the creation and perform of all the graphic image and product brand, if there is not one yet, implementing logos, color forms, etc. 

We redesign the brand to every support needed by the client such as Boxes, leaflets, labels, bags, cans, ampoules, bags, blisters, etc. 

We give support at the serialization adapting all the products to the Track & Trecem, Tamper evident and Rebranding, according to the current regulations of the drug agencies AEMPS, FDA and the European Economic Community EMA.

As the release require small time of development we adapt the times and needs of our client to our work schedule. We look for a constant communication along the artwork development process to make the corresponding changes if it’s needed. We include a double checking to minimize the mistakes linked to the development process before to the final artwork approbation. 

We made an integral artwork management as well as partial artwork management such as Keyline adaptations already existing at the different client products. We are at the forefront with new technologies and parameters given by drugs agencies. We implement Track & Trece, tamper evident, Rebranding, barcode as  GTIN, EAN 13, PZN8, Code 39, Code 128, Data matrix, etc.

 We create and correct Braille in whatever languages it’s needed or given by the costumer. To keep the quality over the products we made controls to avoid any mistake on it and in the sending archives.  The artworks must be given in master PDF format ready to be printed. 


Track & Trace,  
Tamper Evident, 

New Brand and Rebranding


We give support at the serialization adapting all the products to the Track & Trace, Tamper evident, New Brand and Rebranding, according to the current regulations of the medication agencies and the European Economic Community.




We prepare your keylines from plans. You do not have to worry about adapting, you only have to send us the specifications and our team will create the design for your product in an easy, fast, and innovative way. We are also flexible and offer support to help create  and design new  packaging ideas. 




We develop Mock-ups taking into account technical specifications of the FDA and Medicines Agency in Spain and Europe. We offer precise and detailed design proposals, exclusive for each client.

During this process it is importat to have feedback from our client to ensure the quality and vision of the product.





We can adapt different Braille languages to your products. 


Bar Codes and QR Codes

We can generate your specfic Bar Codes according to your country's legislation.


Other applications

Depending on the needs of your company we can add any other applications to your product. Contact us for details. 

Creation of Artworks for the Cosmetic Industry



We make your Keylines from plans, you will not have to worry about adaptation, you just have to send us the technical specifications and our team will design for you, your product, easy, fast and in an innovative way, we assure you unique and personalized designs that They adapt to your needs.



We develop the Mock-ups, taking into account the technical specifications of the drug agency and cosmeto-surveillance, we offer exclusive designs adapting to your needs.



We develop and design all types of packaging, for cosmetic or perfumery products.

Creation of Artworks for the

Food Industry

Contact Us

Colibri Rojo Design Studio

Tel:(+34) 93 000 24 42 /  664405616

C/Mossèn Antoni Solanas 63,

             Sant Boi de Llobregat

             CP 08830

             Barcelona - Cataluña - Spain

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