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We want to be your Online Stationery shop
Let us be part of your home, business or business by taking the best articles at the best price.


We have everything you need and if you don't find let us know and we'll get it for you.
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Your office supplies with the best quality and the best price.

Work and sports clothes
Computers, software, peripherals.
We tailor your logo, unique and exclusive.

We design and print your cards, flyers ...

We have everything you need for fairs and events.

Contact us and we will make a budget without commitment.


• Oil
• Acrylics
• Ecólines
• Watercolors
• Tempera
• Charcoal
• Pencils
• Brushes
• Papers
• Accessories for restoration
• Backstage
• Easels
• Modeling folders


We have everything you need to unleash your creativity, whether professional or amateur.



Contact Us

Colibri Rojo Design Studio

93 000 24 42 /  664405616
Email: colibrirojodesign@gmail.com

​          colibrirojopharma@gmail.com​
C/ Llibertat 26

             Sant Baudilio de Llobregat

             CP 08830

             Barcelona - Cataluña - Spain

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