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What do we do?


• Landing page

Corporate website

• Blogs

Online stores

• Responsive design

• Users Experience (UX)


• Banners

Social networks

• Photograph


Digital Experiences

Apps for mobile devices


We design and create your website



Our team of graphic designers and programmers will work personally with each project in order to design a web that fits your needs and preferences, taking into account the corporate image design, the usability and the accessibility of the web, to achieve an exclusive and perfectly adapted that generate a dynamic experience between the contents and the users.


  • Creative fanpage designs

  • Self-managing corporate web design on various platforms

  • Web design with wordpress

  • Optimal positioning in Google.

  • Adaptation of the web in mobile and Tablet.


Online store



When the project is an online store we take care of the whole process from the design and the programming until the adequacy of the graphic resources, that is, we realize the photographic retouching, the photography of the product. We can offer you banks of images, adapting illustrations and everything you need to create your catalog for the store.


We implemented a customized design that we integrate with the main marketing applications offered by each platform such as Prestashop, Magento, Wix, among others.


Our online store projects are professional and practical with dynamic content managers and easy to use, specially made so that the user can self-manage their website.


  • Creative and practical designs.

  • Totally self-managing shops on various platforms.

  • Optimal positioning in Google.

  • Adaptation of the web in mobile and Tablet.



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Colibri Rojo Design Studio

93 000 24 42 /  664405616
Email: colibrirojodesign@gmail.com​
C/De la Llibertat 26 Sant Boi de Llobregat

Barcelona, CP 08830

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