Rilke Guillen

"Nomada Yokai"

Abril 21 - Mayo 10  2016

Nahuel Taján

"Miradas Mundanas"

             Diciembre - Enero 2016

Pablo Ramirez

"Los Remedios"

Marzo 31 - Abril 13  2016

Alexander Bustamante

"Ir a la fuente"

Julio - Agosto 2015

Pablo Ramiréz


Septiembre - Octubre 2015

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Nomada Yokai Exposicition
From April 21 to May 10

Let talk about the ancient galaxies natives, those which are authentic. The authentic life protectors found this lost planet in the corner of a low profile solar system, which harboured an incipient and primitive microscopic life in its ocean… They added part of their genetic information to this primal zone, fact that untied what we know as evolution… On the next millions of years, they minimally meddle with resultant ecosystems of each geologic eras of the planet; keeping the objective of leading the general life evolution. With the apparition of genocides, they decided a serious and frontal action; the attack, and that is our era: The Jokai’s attack in the space.

Los Remedios de Pablo Ramirez

From March 31 to April 14

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